As a significant change in my life was brewing, I changed my blog name from Finding My UU Soul to Soul Work (more about title change in Sept 2007 here).

In June 2008 I took the leap of faith to pursue my calling in UU ministry with a focus on interfaith chaplaincy in healthcare settings. In honor of my new path I moved and renamed my blog.

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Jun 30, 2008

Standing on the Threshold

As I embark on this chosen path, I keep visualizing that I am standing in a doorway. Through it I see a world that I long dreamed of entering. It is in part with the sense of having found one of those magical doorways such as the wardrobe to Narnia and also part being ripped from the Matrix that veils our experience of life. I'm making that commitment to leading an authentic life and in partnering with the Divine. I expect it to be at times wonderful and at times wrenching.

So in honor of the beginning of this significant journey, I have moved my blog (yes, you too get to experience a transition - ha ha). Changing the name of my blog from "Finding My UU Soul" to "Soul Work" was a manifestation of the inner turmoil I went through this past year. I had also considered moving my blog to WordPress a number of times, but didn't want to bother with it until now. After being notified of my acceptance, I decided to start a whole new blog to symbolize my radically new path. But as I stared at my empty new blog something didn't seem right. I realized that although I am going through a major change, all that I have been is coming with me. So I decided to import all my old posts into the new blog. It does however have a new name and a new look to honor my new journey. This will be my last post here and I hope you will follow me as I step through the doorway and onto my new path. (I think, hope, the Feedburner feed will stay the same.)

A Musical Diversion...

I stumbled on this episode of All Songs Considered and loved the combination of my husbands musical flavor (Coldplay) and my love for latin rhythms...

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